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MDCS owns a fleet of buses used to transport students from suburbs in every direction of the school. They are also available for camps and excursions. Most of our drivers belong to the MDCS community as parents or past parents. Below you will find answers to some common questions that families ask about the use of our bus fleet.

Which areas do the buses currently have stops in?

Monbulk, Macclesfield, Wandin, Silvan, Mt Evelyn, Seville, Woori Yallock, Cockatoo, Gembrook, Mt Burnett, Avonsleigh, Emerald, Clematis, Menzies Creek, Belgrave, The Patch, Kallista, Tecoma, Upwey, Olinda, Mount Dandenong, Kalorama, Selby, Yarra Junction etc.

How does the school work out the bus runs?

Each year, every family is asked to complete a survey on bus use requirements. This information is used to work out where the buses need to travel, and since buses have different seating capacities, which bus is allocated to each route.

Can my children get off the bus at a different stop?

In order to vary their bus stop, students must be issued with a bus pass. Parents must request the bus pass via the office in the form of a note, email or phone call, 24 hours or more before the date of travel that the change relates to. If the change is for a different stop on their usual bus run, there is no charge for the bus pass. If the request is for a different bus, a bus pass can only be issued if there is a seat available on the other bus.​

Is it an option to use the bus part-time?

While preference is given to full-time bus travellers, it is possible to use the bus part-time. Part-time bus users (5 trips or less per week) are charged half of the bus fees. Casual bus passes are also available for one-way trips.

My child does not normally catch the bus, but they are going to their friend’s house, can they catch the bus with their friends?

A casual bus pass (for a one-way trip) will be required and can only be issued if there is a seat available on the bus. A note, email or telephone call from a parent before the day of travel is required before a casual bus pass can be given. There is a cost of $4 per trip.

Does the Conveyance Allowance help me pay my bus fees?

In an indirect way, the Conveyance Allowance does help pay the fees. Conveyance Allowance is a government payment made to families (via the school) who live in outer/rural areas, who travel more than 4 kilometres to school, and for whom MDCS is the closest Christian school. One of the ways that we keep our bus fees low is through using the Conveyance Allowance paid for bus-using families to help maintain our bus fleet.

My child is only young. I feel a little apprehensive about sending them on the bus. How will the school support them?

Young children are matched up with a “bus buddy” when they start using the bus. The bus buddy is usually a few years older and where possible gets on/off at the same stop. They will help the younger child get to and from their classroom and the bus and prompt them as to when it is time to get off the bus.

Please contact the Office on (03) 9756 7244 if you have any further questions.

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