Dress Code

MDCS does not have a uniform, however students’ clothing choices and parents’ guidance of such are to be shaped by the clear guidelines given in the MDCS Dress Code. A Sports uniform is to be worn by students during PE and Sport classes, Interschool Sports Days and on some excursions. Sports T-Shirts are available for purchase in the MDCS Office.

Principles that guide the MDCS Dress Code:

  • School activities: School dress should support the central purpose of schooling-teaching and learning.
  • Health and safety: School dress should be safe and supportive, safeguarding the health of students.
  • Comfort: School dress should be suitable and comfortable for the school environment. School dress will be different from dress for social functions or outings such as going to the beach.
  • Modesty: School dress should be modest, supporting the Christian core values of the School.
  • Individuality: School dress should afford some degree of guided freedom and provide an opportunity to express individuality

Sports Clothing

Students in Prep – Year 10 are required to wear the MDCS Sports uniform to all Physical Education classes and sporting events.

The MDCS Sports uniform includes:

  • MDCS Sports Polo Shirt
  • Navy blue shorts or tracksuit pants
  • Running shoes

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