Our approach to education at Mountain District Christian School is based on a holistic view of the child, as understood from the Bible. We see the education we provide as going beyond the basic schooling process, seeking to prepare children for a life of service in God’s world.

We aim to foster discernment in our students, helping them to think about life in the world and give them guidance to make wise choices. MDCS is convinced of the need to nurture the whole person, viewing each child as unique, gifted and individual, yet called to live, grow and learn in community. We value what students think and feel about themselves, what God thinks of them and His love for them. As a result of the school’s philosophy and beliefs, students are surrounded with much care, encouragement and support.

Learning Areas

Our educational program is made up of core and specialist subjects. These cover the Australian Curriculum framework which are underpinned by a Biblical perspective. In our classrooms we develop learning communities, each contributing from their own knowledge and talents and helping others in the learning task. Each day starts with a daily devotion and opportunity to grow in love of God and love of others.

The core subjects consist of:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Bible
  • General Studies (Science, History, Civics & Citizenship, Geography)
  • Physical Education

Specialist subjects:

  • Library
  • Indonesian
  • Music
  • Art

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