Middle Primary Years 3 – 4

Seeing students step into their middle primary years with growing self-awareness, independence, and the development of responsibility.

Year 3

Guided group work and regular teacher feedback supports engagement as concepts move from the concrete to the abstract. A strong class community is nurtured at this next developmental stage as students broaden their connections from personal to global contexts. Sporting opportunities enrich the program with highlights including the swimming intensive, cross-country event, and athletics carnival. A highlight for Year 3 is their first camp, locally with activities aimed to broaden their experience of the outdoors.


Year 4

Year 4 students consolidate their understanding of abstract skills and processes enjoying teamwork, peer feedback and small group work. Further responsibility for learning is nurtured through the Developing Leaders Program and service opportunities often linked to the General Studies program. Learning at this level encourages wise thinking, reasoning and formulating an opinion. Respectful listening, empathy and questioning skills support learners grow and mature in their contribution to the class community. As well as a Camp and sporting opportunities the performing arts is often a highlight at this level with opportunity to perform in the bi-annual production as well as in the music performance and soiree for those who play instruments.

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