Prep – Year 2

Establishing a love of learning by developing strong building blocks in literacy and numeracy.


Reading, writing and spelling is complimented with a cued articulation program that supports a differentiated learning approach. Mathematical investigations are nurtured through multi-sensory activities including structured play-based opportunities such as shops, making pizzas and number days. A positive learning community that embraces individual gifts, styles of learning and care for others celebrates a weekly Star of the Week. Additionally, learners and learning benefit from a Buddies Program, Learning Assistants and Parent Help in the classroom. The Prep Taster Days and a Prep Transition Program build on the foundation that begins in the Early Years Explorers Program and supports each child in developing school readiness and a strong sense of belonging to their school. The social emotional development is a natural learning progression that occurs throughout the Prep program.

Year 1

Students in Year 1 build on the foundational concepts taught in Prep. Through guided group work in mathematics and literacy, learners are nurtured to achieve their personal best. At this level students advance in their reading skills and independence. Students enjoy exploring and making connections to their environment through General Studies units and looking after the Primary school’s worm farm. Applied learning experiences, the use of concrete materials and investigations supports each learner. A highlight is an introductory camping experience with an afterschool nature walk, games and shared meal with their peers and teachers.

Year 2

In Year 2, learning builds on concepts, skills and processes developed in the Early Years. Guided group work supports a differentiated program for students to consolidate skills and reach their ‘next learning step’. Units of work in General Studies are hands on, linked to real life experiences and foster depth in meaning and understanding. The Specialist Arts program enriches each unit studied providing a well-rounded learning experience. A highlight is an overnight camp in the school gym with students involved in setting up tents, making their beds and preparing a meal. Our Building Leaders Program begins in Year 2 with selected students helping to support school initiatives.

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