Senior Primary Years 5 – 6

Children enjoy their senior primary years with leadership opportunities in the Primary school.

Year 5

Running the school’s Chicken Business teaches students animal care, sales, customer relation skills, budgeting, and money handling. Units of work nurture a positive sense of purpose, place, and call to steward earth’s resources well. Students grapple with issues, refine their research skills, and develop proficiency with abstract thinking. Initiative, responsibility, and self-management are reinforced within the learning context and prepare students for Year 7. Sports, performances, and co-curricular activities extend gifts and interest areas. Highlights include a biannual camp to Canberra, Social and Sleepover, Debating and Maths Competition.

Year 6

Year 6 students approach their secondary years learning to think with greater independence, expressing their ideas and creativity in a variety of ways. They become proficient at explaining and justifying their opinions and developing greater awareness of the ways that God has gifted them and how they can use these gifts in the school setting and beyond. Leading the Buddies program with Prep as well as supporting the Sports program, Friendship Place and IT Scratch Club provide service opportunities at this level as well as continue to support growth and maturity in preparation for the secondary years. Leadership is developed through a Tiny Toastmasters course and leading a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for the Junior Primary. Commemorative jumpers and a Celebration Dinner are a highlights for Year 6 as well as the Year 7 Transition Program which includes a connect and taster day.

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