At MDCS, we recognize that studying for VCE is not exclusively about academic outcomes and the meeting of goals. These two years in themselves provide valuable opportunities for students to learn together, support each other, serve the wider school community and grow in aspects of character and faith that will shape their lives beyond school.

Therefore, in addition to helping students meet their academic goals and to enter the tertiary course or field of their choice, our Senior school staff are committed to supporting students with VCE related challenges and stress they may experience, nurturing responsibility and leadership potential, encouraging students to have a servant heart, providing spiritual input into students’ lives and sharing in their personal faith journey.

General Information about Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

Developed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA), the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) was established as the certificate offered to all students in their final years of secondary schooling.
The VCE is formed around a range of “studies”. Each study consists of at least four units, with one unit representing one semester of work. Generally, Units 1 and 2 are undertaken at Year 11 and Units 3 and 4 at Year 12. While a typical VCE program usually consists of 20 to 24 semester-long units, the minimum requirement to obtain your VCE is to satisfactorily complete 16 units.

These must include the following:

  • Three units of English Units 1, 2, 3, and 4,
  • Three sequences of Units 3 and 4 studies in addition to the sequences chosen for compulsory English.

These sequences can be from VCE studies and/or VCE VET programs. VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) places restrictions on certain combinations of VCE and VET studies. Students intending on applying for an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) at the end of their VCE, will need to be aware of these restrictions.

VCE Subject Choice and Options

Subjects vary from year-to-year depending on the number of interested students. Where small class sizes do not allow MDCS to offer a VCE subject, efforts are made to ensure that students affected can still undertake the subject. This includes the possibility of completing the subject by Distance Education with a school appointed supervisor. In some cases, MDCS benefits from relationships with other schools, including Mount Evelyn Christian School, which allows some subjects with small class sizes to be combined.
When students are considering VCE course selection, the following should be taken into account; their interests, which subjects they have strengths in, future employment ideas, preparation/prerequisites for further training or tertiary courses.

Year 11 and 12 Highlights

VCE Retreat – Year 11 and 12 students and their teachers begin the year with a few days away at a local campsite. They are encouraged to build strong relationships and set personal goals for their study.

Sporting Events – Although they may not be studying PE, students still have the opportunity to participate in various Interschool and House Sport days.

VCE Common Room – VCE students have their own room, located close to Senior school teachers’ offices, for group study, sharing recess/lunch breaks and being together.

Year 12 Last Day – In late October, a day of celebration involving the whole school community is held to honour and farewell our Year 12 students. There is usually a theme for the day with students and staff dressing up and organising activities around the school to bless the younger students. Year 12 students, their parents and staff enjoy lunch together.

Valedictory Dinner – A celebration dinner is held following final exams at a local reception centre. A highlight of the evening is the giving of a speech about each student by one of their teachers who has come to know them well.

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