Years 10-12

We believe there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ in regard to student outcomes. We don’t esteem any pathway chosen by a student as more valuable than another. Rather, each student’s choices regarding subjects and vocation are a reflection of their unique personality, interests and abilities, and all choices provide the opportunity to live out their faith in a way that impacts the world around them.

MDCS offers a range of units at VCE level, aiming to be flexible and responsive to the interests and goals of individual students, whether they are planning to undertake Tertiary study, see themselves pursuing a trade qualification, or are aiming to gain employment.

Year 10 Opportunities and Transition

Year 10 students have several opportunities to assist in considering their future direction and becoming familiar with their options for VCE subjects, vocational training or employment. These include:

  • The option of undertaking a VET (Vocational Education Training) course in Year 10. These are usually quite practical and can often be credited towards the VCE. They give students the opportunity to gain a certificate qualification in a certain area. Examples include: Hospitality, Horticulture and Aircraft Maintenance. MDCS is a member of the Yarra Valley VET Cluster and is also one of the schools involved in the foundation of Ranges TEC, a Christian Trade Training Centre in Lilydale.
  • The option of undertaking a VCE subject in Year 10. Instead of choosing a VET course, students may elect to complete Units 1 and 2 of a VCE subject.

Transition Week

Held during Year 10, this is a week of information about pathways students can follow after Year 10. VCE, in all its complexity is introduced, along with terminology such as SACs (Student Assessed Coursework) and ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). Tertiary study and pre-requisites for course entry are explored, alternative pathways such as apprenticeships, TAFE study, VET courses and work placements are also considered. Highlights of Transition week include a trip to local tertiary institution and a panel discussion where past MDCS students and others discuss their own study and work experiences.

A VCE and VET Information Night is held during year 9 for parents and students to be introduced to the maze of possibilities and considerations for the coming years. Each student and their parents are also invited to an interview with the VCE Coordinator and Careers advisor to discuss subject selection for Year 10 and beyond in light of students’ possible career interests. At this meeting, they have the opportunity to ask questions and clear up any concerns about VCE study and their chosen subjects.

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