As a community at MDCS, we are interested not only in what our students are learning and the skills they are acquiring, but also in who they are becoming. As such, teachers are interested in their students’ development as ‘whole’ people, not just as academic learners.

In the Secondary years, they assist their students to develop skills in the areas of time management, problem solving, articulating themselves effectively and in applying what they are learning in class to real life situations. Along with these academic skills, students are also learning to appreciate the diversity within their classroom, work well in a team and develop a supportive network of friends, becoming more resilient, growing in empathy for others and forming a strong sense of justice.

As they become increasingly independent in their thinking and action, our Secondary students continue to develop a knowledge of the living God and foster a relationship with Him. Through a growing appreciation of the centrality of the Bible to all of life, they are challenged to see how they can live out their giftedness and faith in their relationships and community.

Curriculum and Subjects

Our educational objectives are guided by the Australian Curriculum framework and have been developed with a foundation of Biblical perspectives. In our classrooms we aim to develop learning communities, each contributing from their own knowledge and talents and helping others in the learning task.

Years 7 - 9 Highlights

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