Specialist Subjects

MDCS offers a variety of specialist subjects to engage our students and embrace a wide selection of learning areas.


In our Primary School, our regular specialist subjects are Music, Art, Indonesian (LOTE), PE, as well as time in our well-resourced Library. In addition to this, our classroom teachers explore areas of STEM, Environmental Sciences & gardening, community connection activities, and multi age programs, such as our Prep/one and Year 5/6 Buddies.

Years 7-8

As our students head into their secondary school years, they build on these existing specialist areas (Music, Art, PE and Indonesian) with elective subjects. In Years 7 and 8, our electives are:

  • Wood Tech
  • Food Tech
  • Digital Tech
  • Theatre Studies

As always, we look at all these areas through a biblical framework and engage with ideas of how we can best work together in God’s world. We also encourage community building and setting personal growth challenges throughout our program of camps that occur from Year 3 to 12.

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