Teachers & Staff

Our staff are enthusiastic and experienced. They are committed to their own ongoing learning as educators. They pursue opportunities for professional development, networking and getting together with staff from other Christian schools. They are also supported by the leadership of MDCS to undertake studies through the National Institute of Christian Education (NICE) to enhance their understanding of what it means to teach and learn with Christ at the centre of life.

All of our staff are Christians who are also connected to church and faith communities outside of the school. The teaching and support staff come from a variety of Christian traditions and have diverse expressions of their faith; however, they are all united in having Jesus at the centre and our common mission of preparing children for life in God’s world.

Our school staff view our students as uniquely created by God to do good works in His world. They build positive relationships with the students and encourage and support them on their educational journey. As our students enter senior secondary, our teachers also take on mentoring roles and guide students in careers discussions and further study options.

In addition to our teaching staff, we also have a team of Learning Assistants who support our students in the classroom and provide individual care as required. We also have an Individual Learning Needs Coordinator who works with any students requiring additional support in the classroom to develop learning plans and strategies to maximise their learning opportunities.

We also have a Chaplain as part of our staff team who is vital in assisting our children through social and emotional challenges, and working in conjunction with our teachers to focus on community needs and social justice opportunities.

Specialist Subjects in the Primary School include Art, Indonesian, Music, Physical Education and Library. In addition to these, at Years 7 & 8, our students also undertake electives in Food Tech, Digital Tech, Wood Tech and Theatre Studies. As our students head into years 9 & 10, they are able to select electives that are particular areas of interest that may lead into VCE studies.

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