Supporting Students’ Learning

At MDCS we recognize that children progress in their learning at different rates and exhibit varied strengths and weaknesses. This means that their educational needs will vary. The school endeavours to meet these various needs within the confines of available resources. Some of the ways that MDCS caters for students who need additional support, whether learning or socially, include the following:


With funding provided by the Australian Government Department of Education under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program, MDCS employs a Chaplain for 2 days per week. Through this role, the Chaplain provides pastoral care to students, and support and information to staff. Pastoral care takes various forms including classroom involvement, programs targeting issues such as resilience, small group work and one-on-one support. There is also a library of resources available for parents to borrow.

If parents believe their child may benefit from meeting with the Chaplain, they are invited to discuss this first with their child’s teacher, who can then follow up with arranging support.

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