Bushland & Buildings

MDCS is privileged to be able to educate students in such a beautiful setting. The school grounds are located within 17 acres of surrounding bushland.

Outdoor areas are varied and inviting and include several playgrounds, courts with an artificial turf surface, and a well-kept oval. Learning spaces are architecturally designed and spacious and, specialist classrooms are well appointed for the teaching of specific courses such Wood Technology and Science.

Nature Trail

In 2009, as a ‘Creative Arts Week’ project involving all Secondary students, a ‘Nature Trail’ was constructed through the bush between the school driveway and Stoney Creek on the north-eastern boundary of the school’s beautiful bushland. Flora along the trail was identified and labeled, and students also noted the fauna spotted near the trail. The trail includes benches to rest and enjoy the environment and a communal seating area for larger groups at the end.

The nature trail is regularly utilised by classes for learning activities and is maintained with assistance of our annual school event, Environment Day. Often, local environmental groups partner with us to help us better understand this unique resource and its native animals. An ongoing grant awarded to MDCS from Melbourne Water also helps maintain the creek frontage along the Nature Trail.

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