Vision, Mission & Values

It is the vision of the MDCS Association to provide by God’s grace a flourishing Prep to Year 12 school community where Christ centred education is paramount.

MDCS Mission Statement

The MDCS Association serves the families and the Christian Community of our district who desire a Christ centred education.

We do this by providing quality biblically-directed teaching and learning in a nurturing environment.

Such education seeks to develop the God given gifts of each child and together, with parents and the church, equip the child for a life of service in God’s world.

Core Values

The Bible
We recognise that “the Scripture of the Old & New Testaments is indispensable and determinative for our knowledge of God, of ourselves, and of the rest of creation, and for the whole educational task” (from MDCS Educational Creed)

Christ Centered Education
We recognise the centrality of Jesus Christ in all of life including education (Colossians 1). This involves prayerfully and appropriately challenging and equipping children for a life of service in God’s world.

True Partnership
We foster the partnership between parents, teachers, staff and students to develop mutual respect within the context of Christian Community.

Christian Teachers
We seek out committed Christian Teachers who regard their teaching as a vocation and also model Christian servanthood. We resource and encourage them as they employ their giftedness in the development and delivery of a creative Christian curriculum in which our children are truly “known” and their gifts recognised and developed for service in an “Education for Life”.

Your Involvement
We call on school families, and Christian families in particular, to be involved in prayerfully exercising their various gifts in the service of the community. We plan for community learning opportunities that will challenge and develop a Christian worldview.

We require all families to support the philosophy and values of the school.

Christian Community
The community will maintain a significant representation of Christian families committed to our Vision and Mission and nurturing our communal life.

We continue to enjoy and celebrate the intimacy of a small to medium sized school, our rural setting and our significant facilities and resources.

Celebrating God’s Blessings
We thankfully recognise the Lord God as the giver of all good things. We are blessed with Government support and funding, a Christian heritage and a faithful and loving God leading us into the future.

How can we help?

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